What is an Invocation Name?

Explicit invocation occurs when a user tells the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to use your Action/Skill by name. 

Ideally, it should be more than one word, and not contain any numerals, symbols, or special characters.
If the name isn't easily understood when previewing, consider changing it. 
Some Samples:

"OK Google, I want to talk to Taxi Ordering"
"OK Google, can I talk to Taxi Ordering?"
"OK Google, talk to My Taxi Ordering"
"OK Google, let me speak to Taxi Ordering"
"OK Google, I want to speak to Taxi Ordering"
"OK Google, can I speak to Taxi Ordering?"
"OK Google, speak to Taxi Ordering"
"OK Google, ask Taxi Ordering"


"Alexa, open Taxi Ordering"
"Alexa, start Taxi Ordering"
"Alexa, ask Taxi Ordering"

You can change your invocation name at any time while developing a skill/action.
You cannot change the invocation name after a skill is certified and published.

Invocation phrase:

"OK Google, ask Taxi Ordering for Order status confirmation"
"Alexa, Talk to Taxi Ordering and give me order status confirmation"
"Alexa, give me order status confirmation using Taxi Ordering"

You can edit the invocation name for your project in the Welcome window. 

"OK Google, let me talk to Taxi Ordering"

Optionally, the user can include an invocation phrase at the end of their invocation that will take them directly to the function they're requesting. 

For example:


"Alexa, for the order status confirmation"

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