Create a new project

First, enter the name of your project and a description. 
The description will not be included in the dialogue of the project and it not required. 

It will be shown to others when you share your project.
We recommend to include a short sentence that describe the purpose and objectives of your project.

Then choose a language for the project. You can create different projects with different language/regional dialects.

Welcome Details

On the Welcome step, you'll see a few different required items in the Welcome Details section:

Invocation Name

This will be the name used to open your project on voice platforms such as Alexa. Your invocation name should ideally be more than one word, and not contain any numerals, symbols, or special characters. If the name isn't easily understood when previewing, consider changing it. This is the greeting a user will hear when your project is first opened.

When a voice assistant doesn't hear a response when it is expecting to, it will play a re-prompt message after about 8 seconds.
If a response is still not given, it will close the session. 

Learn more about invocation names

Welcome Greeting

This is the greeting a user will hear when your project is first opened. It's helpful for the user to hear the project's different intended uses in the greeting, such as:

"Hi there, welcome to Taxi Ordering. Would you like to ask for the taxi "Pick up point" , "Order status confirmation", or something else?"

Having predetermined options helps the user decide what he or she would like to use the project for, as well as how to verbalize their requests so the Voice Platform can understand them.

Re-prompt Reply

Default ReplyIf throughout a session, the voice assistant doesn't understand what a user said, it will play the default reply. For reference, the default reply included in the Taxi Ordering Test Project is:

"Sorry, I only understand the commands entered in to this project." 

Add a New Flow

Click the "Add New Flow" button. A Flow is a container, used to organize Requests and Responses within your project. The Name should reference the purpose of the flow (eg "Request Account Balance" for a banking app) and the description should let other Vuix users know more about what the user experience should be.

Add a User Request

A user request is a list of commands the user can say. Add a name for User Request that indicates what happens at this step ("Start Request"). You can add multiple commands for each request. You can use different commands to either handle different ways a user may request the same thing ("Yes" "Yes, please" "Do that") and/or to go to different App Responses ("Yes" goes to one response, "No" goes to another).

When you create your first Request, you will leave the dropdown blank since you don't have any Responses to link to yet.

Add an App Response 

An app response is what the voice assistant will say back to a user based on a specific command.
Add a name that indicates what happens at this step ("Ask Location"), then add the speech for the response.

If your project expects a response from the user, leave "Continue Session" selected and add a Reprompt message to play if the user doesn't respond within 8 seconds.

If this is meant to be the last response in a session (like saying "Goodbye") and the session should close afterwards, select "Close Session." Because the session will end after the Response, no Reprompt message is needed.

Learn more about App Responses.

Now that you have a Response, go back to the Request, select the Response name from the "Then go to..." dropdown menu. Click the "Update" button. Now, the Voice Platform will know to what response to give after the user speaks the Request.

If a User Request responds directly to an App Response with an answer such as "Yes", the Voice Platform will recognize that as a valid answer and continue the flow. If Vuix doesn't find that the User Request corresponds to the App Response right above, it searches the entire project for the Request spoken by the user. It is only when the Voice Platform cannot find the understood User Request in the project that it gives the Default Reply, such as "Sorry, I only understand the commands entered in to this project." 

Preview Your Project

Now that you have one flow, with one request and response, try to preview your project. You can preview your project within your browser or with a Voice Assistant device such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. 

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